Morning Mantra *33

Today’s Morning Mantra goes directly to the point! Let’s focus on our life, our work and everything that we want to achieve so let’s visualise and mentalise.

Close your eyes and breath:

Inhale Slowly – Hold It – Exhale Slowly

Repeat the breathing exercise as many times as you wish and need to calm down and set your brain focused.

Now, let’s repeat the mantra: Love, Health, Happiness, Success, Prosperity and Money come to me in Great Abundance.

Mentalise Love; what do you want to achieve and receive in your love life?

Health; ask yourself what does being healthy looks like to you? Visualise your body and focus on health, on being strong and healthy.

Happiness; Think about happy moments in your life and what makes you happy, ask yourself what can you do to have more happy moments in your life and mentalise it.

Success; Define what success means to you and mentalise yourself being successful.

Prosperity; What does prosperity mean to you? How does prosperity look like? Visualise and mentalise it as it is already happening in your life.

Money; What does money mean to you? How much money do you want to attract in your life? Visualise exactly the amounts you want, mentalise your bank account with the number you want.

Abundance; Define what abundance looks like to you? Think about abundance and mentalise everything that you want to make your life abundant.

If you want you can answer this questions using a journal, you can look at your answers before bedtime and every day to stay focused on what you want and be able to attract everything you wrote to your life.

Remember to fulfil your heart with gratitude at the end of every answer, rejoice of every answer as it is already happening, as if life was exactly the way you want right now. Say aloud and happy Thank You.

Morning Mantra 33

This week we will dedicate the entire week to how to find what makes you happy and measure your happiness to stay happy. To help us on this we have a great tool, Gil Pennant’s book “How to Use Feeling Very Good As A Way Into The Happiness Zone” Read the post and follow the links to listen to the Interview on our podcast here.

Gil Pennant

Also, stay tuned because Saturday 16/06/18 you will be able to download the Ebook version of this amazing book for free on Amazon!

Have a wonderful day and week


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