Gil Pennant – Happiness As A Tool To Increase Happiness!

Today we have a special guest on Me On Focus! Gil Pennant the Author of ” How To Use Feeling Very Good As A Way Into The Happiness Zone” accepted our invitation to write a guest post.


Happiness As A Tool To Increase Happiness!

When employees are happy and feel that the company takes their interest to heart, then the employees will take company interests to heart,” says Dr Nelson, a clinical psychologist, best-selling author and business trial consultant.

In her book, Dr Nelson cites a study from the Jackson Organization, a survey research consultancy, since acquired by Health stream, Inc., which shows, companies that effectively appreciate employee enjoy a return on equity & assets more than triple that experienced by firms that don’t.

When looking at Fortune’s ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ stock prices rose an average of 14% per year from 1998-2005, compared to 6% for the overall market.
Give workers balance in their lives; while balancing work life with home life may present a challenge for most workers, it presents an opportunity for companies trying to keep their employees happy. In fact, companies that offer employees a balance between their work and personal lives are more likely to keep employees happy in their current jobs. 


Employer benefits

•       Happy workers.

•       Employees feeling that they are valued by the organization.

•       Increased productivity.

•       A loyal and committed workforce.

•       Other added benefits (you need to be more specific here)

Employee benefits

•       Motivation to increase productivity.

•       Awareness of personal strengths.

•       Lifetime Happiness Action plan.

•       Steps to create their ideal lifestyle.

Author: Gil Pennant

I would like to thank Gil Pennant for sharing with us his knowledge, happiness is very important in our lives and companies should invest more in making sure that employees feel happy in the company. I totally agree that when a person is happy he/she will work more and yes this will increase productivity. A happy employee will work with passion and will make sure that the job is done well.

If you are an employer or employee and you would like to know more about Gil’s work and coaching follow the links below and contact Gil so he can help you and your company to increase productivity.

Make yourself more valuable in the workplace gp

Visit Gil’s Web Page Here

To listen to Gil’s Pennant Podcast Interview click here

To buy Gil’s Book Click here

You can also download Gil Pennant’s Book for free this Saturday 16/06/18 by following the link in Bio that you will find on Me On Focus Blog Instagram page here

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