Podcast Interview – Publishing Push

Are you ready for a new Podcast Interview? Today our guest is Patrick the Owner and Founder of Publishing Push!

Publishing Push is a marketing company specialized in helping authors to divulge their books and the numbers and results speak by themselves in fact last week the author a “Time To Grow Up” Larada Miller was nominated for the Independent Press Award.

I’m not surprised at all that Publishing Push is being so successful, during the Interview with Patrick I could totally understand what stands behind the success of his company. Patrick has vast experience in the publishing sector and listening to the interview you will be able to feel the love and passion that he has for his work, company and the dedication and focus to help authors become successful.

Besides being a successful entrepreneur Patrick is also very generous and when it’s time to share his knowledge he doesn’t hold back and has no fear of sharing valuable tips that if followed helps the authors start the marketing of their books with the right steps.

The first time I approached Publishing Push I was interested in getting to know new Authors of Self-Development book, their response was kind and immediate, they sent me Gil Pennant’s book “How To Use Feeling Very As A Way Into The Happiness Zone” and helped us to connect with Gil.

Publishing Push as the name already says is a great push for authors that want to have a professional company taking care of their marketing and helping them to get known.

Listen to our Today’s Interview and if you are an author or you are thinking about writing a book don’t hold back and contact Publishing Push here.

Make sure you follow them on Instagram Patrick does lives where he answers questions and gives even more valuable tricks.

Today’s Podcast is one of my favourites, let me know your thoughts in the comments, Click Below on the Links and start Listening.

Interview – Patrick – Publishing Push


Thank You for Reading and Listening.





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