What makes people unhappy in a job?

No one person wakes up in the morning and decides consciously to be unhappy that day. However, if you would ask thousands of people if they are happy in their job, you would be surprised how many “No”s you would get.
Emotions are fascinating! They affect so many things in our life, yet only a small percentage of people can control them effectively. But what is the source of these negative emotions? What makes us unhappy in a job?
It works like a big scale. You weigh the expectations against reality. If they are not in balance and one’s expectations are greater than the reality, that results in unhappiness.


So if you are a leader in an organization, then you might think, all I have to do is do a survey what is important to my employees and take actions to address that, and everyone will be happy! … Not quite!

If we would all be machines, that would work. Unfortunately (rather fortunately for us humans) it is not true. My definition of what is, for example, a “good team atmosphere” is probably vastly different what you dear reader think is a good team atmosphere.

Is there no good solution then?

I do believe that there is a perfect solution.
Leaders have to work on constant improvement of key aspects of happiness of the workforce, but also the people have to take care of their own mindset and be clear on what is important for them in a workplace, and have a realistic and clear idea how it should be in the workplace, so the good old scale we talked about stays in balance.

This is one of the cornerstones of managing your career daily, to have clear and realistic expectations of what are the ‘ingredients’ of a good job are!

Questions, comments, welcome below!

Have a Great Day!


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