Power up in the morning … and concur the world

Most of us focus on the basics in the morning, wander to the coffee machine, try to put the coffee and the water to the right place then eat a bit while scrolling on our phones through the social media or the news. Then take a shower, get ourselves together and get to work.

We live a totally reactive life. We react to our basic needs in the morning, get distracted by stuff and get to work and get even further distracted. As a result, we get not too far, or nowhere.

It does not have to be this way, we can take over the control and it does not require to spend hours in the morning or become a monk in Tibet for 2 years to learn.

If you wish to make a positive change to your life, I encourage you to do the following for the next 3 days.

Steps are really simple:

Step 0: If you really have to you can still make your coffee in the morning

Step 1: Find a quiet place and sit down and relax.

Step 2: Read the following three things out loud repeating  5 times at least
– Today I choose happiness!
– I like myself and the world around me!
– I am in control of my day!

Step 3: Imagine how your day is going to go positively, like having moderate traffic on your way to work, people smiling at you when you get to work, you receive the stuff what you have been chasing for days, your boss is in a good mood, the food tasting pretty good in the canteen at lunch…Make it as positive as you can.

OK, but where is this thing coming from? These things are called incantations or Mantra in Sanskrit, they are symbolic or meaningful words or sentences. Their aim is to help to induce an altered state of mind.

So what the result is going to be? You will have a much more positive day than otherwise. Because you will radiate positive energy as a person, so others will reflect positive energy back to you… It is that simple.

Try it out and put your experiences in the comments!

Great Day!


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