Covid 19 in Brazil

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Bolsonaro’s Genocide Project, Will he succeed?

What is going on in Brazil at the moment we are writing is criminal!!! It is the act of a president that is not afraid of killing the population that elected him, the fact that a person like him was elected has a lot to do with Brazil’s attempt to repress minorities.

Bolsonaro (Brazil’s President) made a bunch of announcements that left many with no words and many not understanding what is the best thing to do during this pandemic.

When the leader of a country goes on national tv and incentives its population to go back to work emphasizing that the Coronavirus is just, “a little flu” is scary! It opens up questions like: Is this guy crazy? Is he not listening to the WHO (World Health Organization) directives? Is he not looking into what other countries are doing to save its population? Is he not taking examples from other countries implementations to guarantee the basic needs of its population during the lockdowns?

Oh no sorry, he is looking at one country which is Italy but, he is not looking at Italy with mercy or empathy or from a humble place where he could be looking at Italy’s mistakes and do better… No, he is not doing any of this! What he is doing is looking at Italy saying that the high rate of mortality in Italy is due to the age of its population emphasizing that only old people die from the coronavirus so who cares! “You, son or daughter, have the obligation of protecting your elderly parent or family member after you that go back to work brazil!!!” These are Bolsonaro’s words…

About people staying in quarantine at home he has said many many and again many things what got me most surprised were this:

“Brazilians swim in sewers and nothing happens to them! This virus won’t kill them!”

“Die from coronavirus? Common death is our only certainty all of us are gonna die sooner or later so who cares let’s go back to work”

“Each federal state Governor is taking their own decisions of announcing lockdowns without my permission and going against my directives when they will need money don’t come to ask me”

“If Brazilians will stop working soon we will have a second Venezuela here is that what you want?”

What Mr. Bolsonaro doesn’t understand or doesn’t care about is that every life has value! What he doesn’t understand is that this pandemic doesn’t only kill “old People” it kills people of every age including children and even if it did kill only old people these people elected him believing that he was gonna do his best to guarantee them their rights…

Also, how is Bolsonaro gonna deal with all the people that will be contaminated if people will accept his invitation to leave their houses and go back to work? Does he have enough hospitals?, Doctors? Nurses? Venitalotors? Medicines? Does he know what the word Pandemic means?

If you thought he is the only crazy person that believes this blunders you are wrong…

many businessmen are encouraging people to go back to work in various ways: Roberto Justus (the Brazilian version of Trump) in a long video was saying that even if the coronavirus would kill 10 times more or even 20 times more people than it already killed it wouldn’t matter cause the economical crisis that 220 million Brazilian people would have to deal with after the pandemic is over would cause way more deaths and problems!!! I would just like to say that the video was recorded from his Vila and yes he is quarantine…

What to say about this? Hmm, maybe that… hmm, let me think… Well, what I have to say is that he is the typical “do what I say don’t you dare do what I do!”

Ok, let’s go on cause he is not the only “Coronavirus Kamikaze Incentivator” Brazil got more of those and their techniques get better and better each day!!!

Another businessman, Junior Dursky owner of The Madero restaurants said: what are 6000 people dead near a population of 220 million?

Luciano Hang, owner of Havan also wants people back to work common economy cannot stop!!!

The one that really impressed me, the one that really uses NLP to the maximum degree, making you, yes you that are at home now trying to keep safe and trying your best to keep your family safe guilty is Alexandre Guerra owner of Rede Giraffas his speech got me also thinking yes I don’t live in brazil and after his speech, I was like fuck time to go back to work but, then I realized that I’m a freelancer I’m stuck at home anyway so yeah I was like what the fuck this guy is a great manipulator I hope nobody falls into his bullshit. Here is what he said:

“You sitting at home working home office worrying about the coronavirus, have you realized that what you should be really worrying is of losing your job?”

Hm, Alexandre Guerra no I’m not worried about losing my job and nobody should be you know why? Cause a job is a job I can find another s everybody can find another job but, my family cannot find another father, mother grandmother, and son because no I cannot find family and friends by sending out my cv after they are dead! But, you do you go back to work!

So yeah while the world is saying hey let’s save lives we will deal with the economical impacts later… Brazil does not care about its people starting a mass genocide thinking that only the elderly and black poor people will die…

Bad news rich Brazilian businessmen you won’t have such a big profit this year because Brazilians will do their best to stay safe, alive and will do everything to save the life of elderly people.

Well, I guess or I hope that at this moment many are sad and regretting their vote wishing they could go back and change it!!! You can’t go back but, what you can do is to remember all that is going on right now and make better decisions in the future…

Stay At Home! Follow WHO directives! Take care of the health of your family and others first! Only this way we will be able to win this invisible war against the Coronavirus and go back to our lives. We will deal with the economical crisis later and we will win that battle too!!!

Lucy Gleisz

The image below was found on the internet if the image is yours please contact us so we can give you credits for it. Thank you.

Jair Bolsonaro

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