“It’s Not About the Destination, It’s About the Journey”

I’m Lucy the writer and voice behind Me On Focus. I studied management engineering and worked as a manager in various companies for 12 years until an episode in 2017 caused me a panic attack that led to the end of my career as a manager in multinational companies.

What I thought to be the end of my career was instead the “Kick” that made me find Me On Focus.

In the need of putting my self on focus and thinking that also other people like me, I felt the need to stop and feel they are on focus. This is the thought behind the name: Me On Focus

Me On Focus was born as a blog dedicated to mental health, self-improvement slowly developed to a podcast approaching various thematics and evolving to interviews with writers and professionals of various areas.

I’m Italian, with maternal Afro Brazilian roots. I’m a digital nomad and at the moment living and working between Slovakia and Hungary, tomorrow? Who knows…

I’m a Psychology Student and Mental Health Researcher.

Antiracist Activist

Human Rights Advocate

Feminist ( Black Feminism and Africana Womanist)

LGBTQI+ Supporter and Activist

Podcaster & Writer

Digital Creator

Wife & Mother

Crochet Artist and supporter of its benefits on the control of mental health struggles.



Lucy Gleisz

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