Courgettes Risotto

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Today I’m bringing back another recipe and I would like to let you know that from April we will bring back our weekly appointment with a new recipe.

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The Reparation Act

Risotto is one of my favourite food, it’s amazing because is quick and you can make risotto with everything you want…

Today I want to show you my favourite risotto which is the Cougettes Risottos.

The first step cut some onions, I personally like them chopped very small, one is enough. Some olive oil in a pan add the onions let them fry a little bit and the courgettes cutter as you like.

When the courgettes and the onions are starting to let go of their water add the rice and hot water, enough just to cover the water, add one Knorr Stock Pot. I personally love it because it has a lovely taste, I usually use the vegetable one because my husband is vegetarian.

Let it cook sometimes just give it some love.

When the rice is cooked turn off the heat add some butter and some Parmesan cheese…

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